Instructions for the DaRi-system 3 (for box gutters)


The DaRi-system 3 can be adjusted to fit various different box gutter sizes. The system parts can be changed in height, as well as in width. You always plug two DaRi-system parts together.

1. Correct height

Schneidefurchen Höhe

There are cutting furrows at the back of the DaRi-system. Along those furrows, the parts can be cut to the correct height. The numbers on the cutting grooves denote the gutter size (33, 28, 25, 20). The parts are cut along the entire length using a craft knife. For non-standard gutters, the appropriate height must be measured beforehand.

2. Correct width  

You always put two DaRi-system 3 parts together. The two parts may overlap to different extents. The width is determined by the varying overlap of those two parts.


DaRi-Systemteil 3 


The dimensions for standard gutters (size 333, size 285, size 250 and size 200 box gutters) are already considered and are listed in the table below. Non-standard gutters must be measured.

Box-gutter-size Cutting part 1 Cutting part 2 Quantity of insert burls
333 gutter no no 2-3
285 gutter no no 5
250 gutter no cutting groove C 2
200 gutter cutting groove B cutting groove A 5


cutting furrows A, B und C

There are cutting furrows (A,B,C) at the bottom of the DaRi-system 3. For very narrow gutters, the parts must be cut to match these furrows.



The parts of the DaRi-system 3 should be assembled so that the holes in the overlapping areas are opening up towards each other.


Before inserting the Dari-system 3 into the gutter, the sheet tabs of the gutter hooks must not be bent to the gutter.

Dachrinne mit angebogenen Blechzungen