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Thank you for the prompt delivery. The system components are very stable and were quickly assembled without instructions, using the well-designed clips. We are thrilled and would recommend you anytime. Our neighbours are also very interested.
Many greetings from Manfred and Gudrun B. Hameln

Ladies and Gentlemen,
thanks for the speedy delivery!
Your product is very well thought out and very straightforward to assemble. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anybody.
Hans F. from Lenggries

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for the delivery of my order. I started off by ordering two system parts, to see if they matched our expectations (we had been looking for a long time but never found what we were looking for). Therefore, we were very excited. We tried the system straight away on the weekend, and, I have to say, we were absolutely thrilled. Hence, we shall be placing an order for the remaining parts in the very near future – as soon as we’ve taken all relevant measurements.

Sincerely, Sabine K. from Berlin

Dear DaRi team
many thanks for the prompt and quick delivery of the system parts for my gutter ... quality service! In addition, assembling the parts was very easy, quick and self-explanatory, even without instructions, and they are now preventing fouling and clogging. We are suuuuuuper satisfied, because you can already see how well the Dari-system protect our gutter – and it’s only been three weeks since installation. Initially, we only equipped one of our houses with the parts, in order to try and see how well they would function. The gutter on a different house has no protection and is already clogged up with leaves. Therefore, we have decided to also place an order for Dari-system for that house. Looking forward to doing business together again on this next project!
With best wishes and a big thank you,
Fam. K. from Tangerhütte

Dear Dr. Jentsch,

We always have a lot going on at home, with three children (aged 8, 9, and 11), and both my wife and I working full-time.
It wasn’t until last weekend that I finally got around to installing the DaRi-system delivered in early October last year, and I would now like to briefly give you feedback: your advice on the phone was perfect; delivery was fast and without any problems. Concerning manufacturing, all parts are of great quality; they arrived almost entirely free of burrs and have a very smooth surface, which makes it incredibly pleasant to work with them. And the parts blend in perfectly and now protect our gutter as if they had always been there!
Thank you very much, many greetings from Weinheim,
Stefan A.

Received the parts today, immediately installed them and am mightily impressed!
Huge compliments going out to you and, I am planning on also equipping the back of the house with the necessary parts come springtime.
Best regards, Marco N. from Schiffweiler

Hello Mr. Jentsch,

Today we have experimented a lot with the product samples kindly provided by your company and have found the right solution for both the box gutter and a different gutter, which has roof tiles stretching out into the middle of the gutter. As a comparison, we also tried various building supply store systems, none of which were satisfactory. Your system is the best. Thanks for the honest advice.
Best regards, Horst N. from Varel

Dear Dr. Jentsch,

Thanks to your active and highly valued help, my wife and I were able to easily complete the assembly work. I can’t help but praise the DaRi system as a highly mature and perfect! We had so much fun installing the DaRi-parts, we even decided to protect the other side of the house with the system (later on this year), even though we don’t even have trees on that side!

Thank you very much for your services.
Dr. B.Th. from Wassenberg

Our house is currently under construction and is set on a property entirely surrounded by tall trees – which is why we absolutely need to have a protection system installed. We already searched the internet for different systems on offer. Equipped with solid technical background knowledge and known for setting high standards, we are not the easiest to convince - the DaRi-system, however, has managed to convince us immediately!
The video presentation explains the advantages of the system very well, and also has critical customers (such as ourselves) immediately convinced…simply because the system is "logical".
Order placed, followed by a very quick delivery and accompanied by uncomplicated, friendly and personal customer service...
Fam P. from Regensburg

Good morning,
We are really excited and very happy with the DaRi-system! In all honesty…we were initially put off by the price, BUT: we are now 100% sure we have made the right choice in purchasing your products. We placed our order on a Monday, delivery followed incredibly swiftly, and we were able to assemble the entire system within a day - fast, simple and straightforward. Even the corners were easy to work on - we are looking forward to seeing the first results and will be sure to provide you with feedback on that matter also. Also, the material works very well with tin snips and trimmed cut.
Thank you!
Family W. from Dossenheim


Hello dear DaRi-team,
The DaRi system is a successful and great design . My order, including shipping, was processed quickly and without any complications. Attaching the system to the gutter was really easy - even for a woman, like me ;-). It looks great. Thank you very much. I wish the entire team continued success and many more satisfied customers.
Stefanie K. from Grimsby


Good day to you!
I would like to thank you very much. My shipping order arrived today. Definitely sold on the design! Initially, I had only planned on installing one of the parts, but I ended up getting so excited assembling the system that in the end, I completely finished the entire gutter. I would definitely recommend your company.
Regards, Helmut H. from Rostock


Dear Team,
I wanted to thank you for the fast and uncomplicated delivery. Your gutter protection system is exactly what we were looking for, and we will be sure to recommend your company.
With kind regards,

Volker H. from Duisburg


Hello team,
It has now been the second autumn / winter period that we’ve had the DaRi - system installed in our gutter, and we were curious to see how the parts would cope during winter. Although we did not have a long frosty period this year, winter did hit quite heavily in January, bringing us 80 cm of snow within two days. Hence, we were concerned about how the gutter protection system would be able to cope with this amount of snow. A check of the gutter yesterday assured us that the DaRi - system components were still in the exact same position as they were when we initially installed them. Therefore, we were very pleased.

Fam. Petra M. from Garmisch -P.

In September this year I ordered one of your system parts, including corresponding clips, in order to first test the product. After it has now been in use for two months, being put through copious amounts of rain and fallen leaves, its function has me 100% convinced. There was neither a problem with the drainage of rainwater (even in heavy rain), nor did we encounter any issues with leaves temporarily covering the system parts. I have now decided to equip three more buildings with the system components...

Best regards, Arno M., Berlin


I was looking for an appropriate cover for a 15 meter long terrace cover with box gutter, which would meet my requirements in both price and functionality. That’s how I came about the DaRi system. A quick phone call and an e-mail brought me closer to my goal. The necessary and suitable system was quickly spotted, and so installation could be done through only a few adjustments to the existing gutter. Everything went well, the system looks good…thanks for the good advice.

Greetings from Düsseldorf, Michael W.

Dear Mr. Jentsch,
I decided to install the DaRi-system NOT as a protection system, but as a soundproofing device for the copper gutter running alongside our bedroom windows. I am very pleased to say that we can finally sleep in peace again.
Thank you for this invention.

Best wishes, Georg Sch. from Bochum

For quite some time now we have been looking for a way to protect our gutter - especially the connected drainage pipe - from the flower petals, fruit and leaves of the lime trees standing in front of our property. We tried it with plastic nets on the actual gutter first. But they allowed the petals to slip through, and the snow pulled those down also. Nets placed directly at the bottom of the gutters clogged them up and caused rain water to spill out of the gutters, causing flooding on flower beds and pathways.
The DaRi - system is stable, easy to assemble, has very small holes, and – thanks to the clips –tightly sits atop the gutter. The angular construction creates a secure grip ON TOP OF the gutter (melting snow hopefully won’t change this!). Currently, quite a lot of fallen lime tree fruit are lying on the DaRi-system grid or are blown off the roof. So, it seems to be working! Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait until next year in order to judge and observe whether the system also prevents the tiny lime blossoms from clogging up the gutter.

Heike G. from Biesenthal

Dear DRri team,

Thank you again for the DaRi - system. We are so glad to have applied them to our gutter last year. My husband had an accident and can’t step up and down ladders anymore. Normally, we’d have to do a thorough cleanse and de-cluttering of the gutter every two to three years. Now, for the first time ever, we have had zero problems with gutter clogging.

Sabine S. from Bremen

Because of our very steep roof, we had not been able to apply any protection system to our gutter. Then we tried the DaRi system 2. By coincidence, a small number of leaves were left lying on parts of the system, BUT: we had no problems with a water dam in the gutter. Thank you for this great invention.

Peter K. from Braunschweig

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to once again thank you for your gutter protection system. We have a very large tree right next to our house, and its fallen leaves have been a problem for us for over 20 years. We tried numerous different gutter protection options, none of which showed the desired effect. Recently, we tried the trellis. But after this system had been pressed out of the actual gutter by masses of snow, we decided to have it removed again. In all honesty: we were a bit skeptical towards the DaRi-system to start off with. But having been through the first autumn and (quite heavy) winter with the DaRi-system installed: no problems with the gutters whatsoever. We are so grateful for having come across your system...

Udo T. from Weimar


A short thank-you for the gutter protection system. We built our Tuscan-style house last year. The gutters on the house are 6 metres above ground, so we can’t really see what might be causing problems. This is why we had the DaRi-system installed straight away when building the house…luckily I dare say: our neighbours’ masonry got soaked in the fall, because a dead pigeon had clogged their gutter...

Corinna P. from Cologne


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