About your order and product installation

1. Which DaRi-system (system 1 or 2) do I need?

2. How many DaRi-system parts do I need?

3. How do I install the DaRi-system?

1. Which DaRi-system (system 1 or 2) do I need? 

Depending on the angle of your roof, there are different scenarios when it comes to installation:

  •       With regards to roofs which have a low roof pitch, the bottom row of roof tiles – usually – finishes above your gutter. In that case, the DaRi-system 1 would provide the best protection for the gutter. Even if the roof tiles slightly protrude into the gutter, the DaRi-system 1 can still be installed in most cases. Usually, the tiles in the bottom row of your roof can be slid back a little bit, so that a good part of them hides underneath the roof tiles in the second row. Once that’s done, the DaRi-system 1 can be attached, and the gutter protection system would be very well connected to the roof tiles.
  • Regarding very steep roofs, the bottom row of tiles can often protrude right into the gutter. Should that be the case, we would recommend you use the DaRi-system 2 for your gutter.


2. How many DaRi-system parts do I need?

The DaRi-system parts are 76 cm long each.

Divide the length of your gutter by 76 cm and round it up to get the full quantity of system parts required.

Please do not forget: Each DaRi-system part requires FOUR clips for installation.


3. How do I install the DaRi-system?

Before you install the DaRi-system please thoroughly clean your gutter and check if you can spot any existing damage to your gutter. Should you have a net filter installed atop your downpipe, please remove it prior to installation.

Assembling the DaRi-system is very easy and can be done without using specific tools.

Firstly, apply the clips to the front of the DaRi-system:

Ablauf korrigiert

  • Then start at one end of the gutter and clip the DaRi-system to the front of the gutter.
  • Then continue installing the remaining DaRi-system parts end to end, until you reach the end of the gutter.
  • Should the final system part in a series extend beyond the end of your gutter, simply trim this final part by using a hacksaw.
  • Make sure that the last system part is fixed to your gutter with at least two clips.
  • Should the last system part be too short, so that you would only able to apply one clip to it, please reduce the length of the penultimate part, so that the last part is long enough to be held by two clips.

Applying the DaRi-system to inside corners:  

Gutters with inside corners can easily be protected with the DaRi-system:

 ecke innen-kl

 Applying the DaRi-system to outside corners:

Outside corners of gutters don’t cause any issues for the DaRi-system.

All you need to do is to simply remove a part of the back wall of a DaRi-system part using a hacksaw (see arrows).



 ecke auen-kl