DaRi-system 3


DaRi-System 3  
DaRi-system 3 (black)
8,56 €
DaRi-system 3 (silver)
8,56 €
You need 2 parts DaRi-system 3 per 76 cm gutter


The DaRi-system 3 is a protection system that can be used for many different sizes of box gutters.

The DaRi-system 3 has been designed in order to always connect two opposing system parts with the help of burls.


Depending on how far the two sections overlap, by using this method of construction, the DaRi-system 3 can be adjusted to fit different gutter widths.

By reducing the height along the cutting grooves at the back, the DaRi-system 3 can also be adjusted to fit different gutter heights.

As a result, all box gutters ranging between size 20 and size 33 can be protected.

No clips are required for the DaRi-system 3. After joining the parts together, they spread out at the bottom and are conclusively clamped into the gutter.

The DaRi-system 3 can be mounted in all box gutters, be it with or without an existing eaves plate.

DaRi-Systemteil 3


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