The DaRi-System Company, headquartered in Weissenburg in Bavaria/Germany, was founded in 2010 and exclusively focusses on the development and production of innovative leaf guard systems for gutters.

The gutter is a very important element on every building and deserves special attention, because a clogged gutter can cause serious damage to the building. A gutter can not only be clogged up by foliage, needles or moss, but also by broken and slid down roof tiles, or even fireworks.

To protect the gutter therefore is not only important for property owners whose house stands near trees, but also for houses whose roof gutters are difficult to access, making it difficult to supervise their continuous functionality.

The DaRi-System Company has already developed various systems for the gutter which provide outstanding protection. Special focus shall be put on an entirely new protection system for square gutters, which - up until now - could not be equipped with specific custom products.

When it comes to developing new products, the DaRi-System Company exclusively focuses on customer demands and uncomplicated, easy-to-use solutions.

We will be just as glad to accept your feedback, suggestions and questions as we will be for you to approach us outlining problems in the area of gutter protection for which there don’t yet seem to be realistic solutions. Our development team will thoroughly check each and every problem and we will try our very best to help resolve any issues.