DaRi-system 1



Systemteil 1
System 1
for gutters size 33

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System 1
for gutters size 28

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The DaRi-system 1 is the perfect protection system for gutters with flat and medium roof slopes.

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The DaRi-system 1 gets unique stability through its back curving. Whether you have an eaves plate mounted in your gutter or not, the part stabilizes itself in the gutter, therefore always remaining in the correct position and shape. The extremely smooth surface with its hexagonal holes prevents leaves from continuously covering the system, or, alternatively, helps fallen leaves being blown off the protection unit in the next light breeze.

The DaRi-system 1 can be installed in over 90% of semi-rounded roof gutters.

Even if your roof tiles stretch out into your gutter, in most cases the DaRi-system 1 can be installed nonetheless

(watch this film).


We offer the DaRi-system 1 both for gutters with size 28 and for 33 gutters with size 33. Please determine the size of your gutter according to the Green Point (see above).


The DaRi-system 1 can also be installed in narrower gutters, providing there is enough space in between the system parts and the roof tiles. Should your gutter be narrower than standard gutters, the DaRi-system parts would be slightly more curved. But despite that, the system will still provide perfect protection against clogging of your gutter:

28er Systemteil 1 in 25er Rinne 28er Systemteil 1 in 25er Rinne
                                                               DaRi-system 1 in gutters with size 250